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Extradite Me, I Have A Website

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan lose the fight against extradition

by Penny Dreadfull
24 September 2012

Just having gotten the news via @Twitter and seeing the BBC1 10:00 p.m. news, I am still unable to unattach my palm from my face. Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan are to be extradited to the U. S. within the next few weeks to be tried for “Jihad” websites. Since when did running a website in a country with freedom of speech become a crime?

When was the last time someone was extradited for running a paedophile website? Or any hard-core porn website? Or say, even one such as mine, where I support Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan’s right to run websites under their freedom of speech rights?

And, so far as I know, even if they were Jihad websites, I don’t believe there were any wording to the effect of doing anything to the U.S. So why in the hell can’t these two men be tried in the U.K. where they should be tried?

We can all thank the bullying of the U.S. and the rolling over of the U.K. for that. I’m just sick of all the presumption and judging and the back-patting Good Ol’ Boys and the Old Boy’s Club putting their heads together to the detriment of two entire families.

And next month, Gary McKinnon will learn of his fate. My heart is already aching and my mind is already racing with anger. I can’t imagine how Gary and his mother, Janis must be feeling. And, speaking of websites….poor Richard O’Dwyer and his mother, Julia…..An innocent mistake could land that poor young lad in a U.S. supermax prison for who knows how long.

All I can do for now is apologise as profusely as I know how, to Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan, as well as their families for not being able to pray hard enough or to yell loud enough or to write enough to help save them from this fate. I am so very sorry that no matter how hard we all supported you that it wasn’t nearly enough to change the minds of two governments whom still don’t know how to work with each other after 200 years of practise. All that matters to the U.S. is showing how large their bollocks are when it comes to their fight against terrorism by locking up or killing everyone they suspect and all the U.K. cares about is keeping their “special relationship” tidy. Full stop.

Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan have no business in the U.S. They should have been tried in the U.K. Jailed in the U.K. if found guilty. Now it’s just too late…

9 October 2012 Update:

As many of you are aware, last week, Babar Ahmad and Talha Ahsan were flown to the U.S. under orders of extradition for running “Jihad” websites on U.S. servers.  Babar and Talha were not, at least, lumped into the same bin with Hamza, but were sent to New Haven, Connecticut to state their pleas.  As I expected, they plead “Not Guilty”.  And they are correct.  They ARE NOT GUILTY and shouldn’t have been extradited, but then here we are.  My hope is that by being sent to New Haven and kept apart from Hamza that it is a sign that perhaps the U.S. doesn’t think they are so much a threat?  As ever, all we can do is keep them in our thoughts, and hope that if the U.S. will at least be fair, then maybe, just maybe they could be sent back to the U.K.?  Perhaps I’m just being too much a “Pollyanna” about the entire situation, yet, remaining hopeful is all any of us can do for now.  I’m sure it’s what they would have us do.


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