The Mothering Heart

The Mothering Heart 

by Penny Dreadfull

25 July 2012

As a mother, there is only one question..

What if it were my son?

And I answer myself that by the intertwining of our humanity

That yes, all sons are my sons,

Just as my sons belong to all mothers, as well.

As I cry for you

Your mother would cry for my son, too

If she were to see him unfairly judged,

Deprived of his rights,

To be stolen from his home without a fight

From the country of his birth to a land far away

Whom will not judge him fairly.

They will say he must pay

Because they won’t see him through a mother’s heart.

But, I do, Gary, Talha, Richard, and Babar,

For you are my sons, too.


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